Dimple Beauty Salon is Orlando’s hottest waxing salon. Owned and operated by Dimple, who is professionally trained in India, and has over 12 years of experience servicing men and women in the art of intimate body waxing. Yes, to us, it is an art, not a simple service. Body waxing is the ideal method to get rid of the unwanted hair. Each time you receive a wax treatment, not only you get rid of the unwanted hair, but you also insure the hair that grows back in the weeks to come will be thinner and lesser.

  • You’re Hairless For Longer Periods Of Time
  • You know how, after you shave, tiny little hairs start growing in and you’re prickly by the next day? Yeah, it’s not like that with waxing. It takes longer for the hair to grow back. Of course, it depends on how much body hair you have. I am not very hairy and can go a full month without needing a Brazilian (I also don’t mind a teensey bit of hair down there). One of my friends, on the other hand, has to go every two weeks.

  • It Won’t Grow As Thick After A While
  • When you’ve been waxing for a while, you’ll notice that your hair starts growing in differently. It won’t grow in as thick as it once did, and after a long time, patches of hair might not stop growing in completely. That means that even though you have to deal with a little hair for a few days, it won’t be as thick or dark as if you were in between shaves. I get my underarms waxed, and when the hair grows in, you can barely even see or feel it.

  • It’s Not Too Much Effort For You
  • I hate, hate, hate shaving, which is one of the major reasons why I love getting waxed. Shaving is just a boring little task to me that I am too lazy/busy to do myself. Waxing allows me to lay back and let someone else take care of it. Say goodbye to shaving every other day! It’s nice!

  • It Gets Rid Of Black Stubble
  • You know that black stubble that gets left behind on your skin after you shave if you don’t have light blonde hair? It’s not a big deal at all and something that everybody deals with, but some people get really annoyed by this stubble. I know it bothers some people a lot. I know that waxing basically eliminates that stubble, or at least makes it a lot less noticeable. Like I said, I’ve started getting my underarms waxed, and I haven’t seen any stubble there since I started doing that.

  • Waxing Can Get Deeper Than A Razor Can
  • A Brazilian wax involves waxing the hair off the outside of your labia and the inside, as well as your butt. It’s pretty difficult to shave the inside of your vagina, and it’s almost impossible for you to shave your butt crack. But you can wax there! Waxing gets in more places than a razor can.